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In 1937 the inauguration of an Imperial Airways C-Class flying boat service brought Dubai into the aviation era. From the foundations of 1937 to the modernity of 2007, the 70th anniversary of civil aviation in Dubai is a milestone captured in a book for the first time. With colorful insight from many who have contributed to the vision of the Maktoum family, and archival material from around the world, Flight into the future builds into a blueprint of how the emirate has emerged as one of the world’s aviation hubs.

In 1937, the tiny sheikhdom of Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula joined the aviation era. The inauguration of an Imperial Airways C-class flying boat service brought the prospect of a new era for the town and its people.

It is a sign of the global importance of the Arabian Route that, in addition to commercial terms for Dubai, the likes of Hollywood actors Bela Lugosi and Errol Flynn, and 40s sports stars Fred Perry and Donald Bradman stopped in the sheikhdom en route to the other side of the world. Dubai was now on the map.

This was the starting point for a remarkable 70-year association between Dubai and civil aviation that is recorded in Flight into the Future. Today, the emirate is about to assume a mantle as one of the capitals of the industry.

From the foundations of 1937 to the moderninity of 2007, the intervening period saw an era of rapid development highlighted by Dnata, the incredible growth of Dubai International Airport, the birth of Emirates and the remarkable success of Dubai Duty Free.

The 70th anniversary of civil aviation in Dubai is a milestone captured by Flight Into the Future, telling this remarkable story with insight from many of those who have contributed to Dubai’s aviation pre-eminence, along with information drawn from archives around the world.The book also looks into the future and focuses on the imminent burst of aviation developments that will transform Dubai from an aviation hub to an international aviation centre.

Flight into the Future is the first historical effort to record Dubai’s aviation history and also the first collective picture on the direction in which the emirate is heading in the industry.

USD 35.00
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