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Rashid’s Legacy | Sheikh Rashid Vision (Arabic) E-mail


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Rashid’s Legacy is the story of Dubai. Highlighting the arrival of the Maktoum family in the sheikhdom over 170 years ago, the book profiles the origins of the emirate from the beginning of its recorded history and through the leadership of a succession of family members. The book goes on to map an extraordinary story — that of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, renowned as being the Father of Dubai.

Sheikh Rashid passed away in 1990. He left behind a thriving and prosperous Dubai which boasted a plethora of infrastructural, industrial and economic features that would carry his emirate into the 21st Century.

Unarguably, however, Sheikh Rashid’s greatest triumph was to bequeath to Dubai his sons - the late Sheikh Maktoum, Sheikh Hamdan, Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Ahmed. Each brought to Dubai his own talents and energy. Through them, Sheikh Rashid’s vision of Dubai has been carried forward.

Rashid’s Legacy portrays a family that has transformed modern Dubai and the UAE, and is today impacting on regional and international levels.

Given far reaching access to those who have known the Maktoum brothers best, the author was privileged to go further and deeper than any writer has yet been able in tracing the genesis of modern Dubai.

Using printed archives from around the globe and the recollections of those who have been involved with, or observed, Dubai’s extraordinary period of modern development, Rashid’s Legacy paints a portrait of a family dedicated to their people and determined to construct a cohesive and sustainable future.

USD 35.00
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