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Biography of Chandrika Bandarunaike Kumaratunga E-mail



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This is the remarkable story of a woman’s quest to alter the course of her country’s modern history and transform the fortunes of her people. Chandrika Bandaranaike was born to one of Sri Lanka’s most distinguished families in 1945. Her father was a senior minister of the government at the time of her birth. He was later to become the Prime Minister of the country, while her mother, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, was to become the world’s first woman Prime Minister in 1961.

But just as this is a story of political power and leadership, it is also a compelling saga of tragedy. Her father, Solomon Bandaranaike, was assassinated at the family home. Her fiancee died at the wheel of his car. Her husband, silver screen legend, aspiring politician and ardent peace activist Vijaya Kumaratunga, was also assassinated by political rivals.

In 1994 she became President of her nation and began a fight for peace with the Tamil Tiger terrorists that blight Sri Lanka. It is a fight that has cost her dearly. In 1999 she lost an eye following a suicide bombing attack at a campaign rally.

This remarkable story is told for the first time in CBK, a portrait of one of the world’s most remarkable leaders

USD 35.00
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