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Isha Athul Islam Home for the Orphans

The Isha Athul Home for Orphans, south of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, is Media Prima’s latest altruistic project. Some 33 years old, the facility currently provides a fresh start for 185 orphans. Many of them saw their families swept away during the horrific Asian Tsunami of 2003. Isha Athul is located on a 1.28-acre plot of land, which now boasts a two-storey dormitory, dining hall, administrative block and training centre. The facility provides its children with all their basic needs, a full religious and secular education, vocational training, computer literacy and extra curricular activities, and receives support from Media Prima through direct funding. Through your generous help we have managed to provide a wealth of clothing, educational equipment, a complete refurbishment of the kitchen and dining facility's and an out door playground area.

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The Crisis

It is now exceedingly difficult to maintain old buildings, provide food, clothing, education, medical care and meet utility bills with limited resources. The worldwide economic downturn, coupled with Sri Lanka’s internal crisis, has exacerbated the problem.

In Sri Lanka, similar to many other poor, under developed 3rd world country’s children are exploited. It is a shocking sobering reality that they are raped, enslaved, sold and trafficked.

The Isha Athul Islam Home for the Orphans takes in children as young as 6 years old who have been orphaned, abandoned or mistreated for whatever reason and are provided with the love and care which is necessary to build trust and confidence. They are washed, nourished, clothed, educated and have their medical needs taken care of. All by volunteers. When they reach the age of 18 and it time to leave the orphanage they are included in an excellent programme which utilises long term relationships with local family's and company's to help introduce them into the community and to find a loving family or sponsor and find meaning full employment.

During the year as part of the orphan’s continual development, regular trips are organised into the local towns and villages to provide help and assistance to the general community and the needy. They help in any way possible, which instils a strong work ethic, promotes community spirit and aids a wider sense of belonging. To its credit as well as providing many children with a positive start in life, among the facility’s ex-residents are doctors, nurses, policemen, teachers and others who have made the transition into adulthood well.

Donor fatigue is a 21st century blight that continues to pressure the wealthy or better off members of society and any charitable donation is admirable for a worthy cause as lets be honest there are so many, but without the home, for most, their childhoods would have been on the street exposed to drugs, violence and abuse.

What we at Media Prima ask is, if you can think you can spare any monetary value or donation, be it books, clothes, toys or sponsoring a orphan please contact us, This is a worthy cause as we have seen and experienced this first hand. We regularly visit the orphanage and the difference you have made has really transformed these orphans’ lives.


For further inforamtion please contact Media Prima.